Recap: Month 6


Hi, remember me? The one who is supposed to man this ship and actually post stuff? Turns out these things don't write themselves, so I thought I'd actually dust off the keyboard and get y'all up to speed.

Today marks Bean's big half year mark. Six months and we've managed to keep some semblance of sanity - woo! Not only that, but it seems we're doing a decent job. At his six-month check-up, the doctor confirmed that he's in the 50th percentile - for a 9-month-old. Yup, we grow 'em big here.

In the past month Bean has finessed the art of rolling over rapidly. Good for motor development, bad for leaving him in bed alone. Nap time is now accompanied by a mountain of pillows. He's also vocalizing like crazy and it's hi-freaking-larious to watch. Big facial expressions accompanied by a barrage of sounds. So cute. And he knows it, too. To celebrate, he claps and waits until we join in with the applause. Though the talk is meaningless, he does know how to use sign to communicate. So far, he's got "all done," "milk," and "more" in his arsenal. You have to watch closely, though, lest "milk" be signed very near bare skin and you get raked by 5 tiny daggers. Given his size, you can tell that "milk" is one of his faves.

He's been eating a lot, which makes me eat like a pig. (Thanks for that, Bean.) We've decided that we're going to have to put him to work before he eats us out of house and home:

Best to get started early.

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I got lucky! I check every morning to see if there are any pictures and today there are 3!!! What a great way to start the day!! The girls think he is cute as a bug and they are right!

Forget about growing 'em about growing 'em ADORABLE!!!!!!

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