Budget crisis (cry-sis?)


Word on the street is that, due to a hosed budget, our state is going to increase state witholdings for the next 6 months. On the one hand, I want to see safety nets in place and social programs continue to be funded. On the other, I don't feel this is the way to do it. I'm especially chapped by the thought of a smaller paycheck, too.

I wonder if I can change my W-2 witholding status for 6 months to offset it? Do you think the voices in my head can count as dependents? If so, it's about time they started helping out around here!

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Weaning a little


Bean's a year old now, which is the time frame I'd always had in my mind for weaning. Add to it that he has 8 teeth and my production has dropped dramatically, and it would seem that nature agrees. He does a great job with solids - opening his mouth like a little bird and trying everything - so I don't think this will pose a problem. I'm just not sure of the exact logistics for doing this successfully. What I *am* sure of is my desire to have my boobs back and to no longer feel like a dairy.

Ode to Weaning
Oh how I miss my old boobies
Due to gravity and the work of Bean's mouth
What once so proudly pointed northward
Alas have begun to head south




You can tell we're moms. With Bean's arrival, we've re-evaluated raising kids in LA. (Though I hate to admit it, my sister's right.) We are going suburban. Ish. Which means we're moving. Have I ever mentioned my thoughts on moving? Sweet holy Moses, I LOATHE moving. Home dental surgery sounds more enjoyable. Hate. It. Haaaaaaaaaaaaate.

Which is why I'm baffled by my own behavior. Since college, my longest tenure in an abode is a measly three years, with the majority being two years or less. The place we're moving is an apartment, so there's another move even after this. My hope is that the place after this is officially ours, in Bean's future school district, with room to grow. Once we find that place, I'm gonna plunk my rear there and I AIN'T MOVIN' AGAIN.


Cult news, part 2


This stuff just writes itself sometimes. From BBC news: Scientologists convicted of fraud. Well color me surprised!

Unlike the US, France has always refused to recognise Scientology as a religion, arguing that it is a purely commercial operation designed to make as much money as it can at the expense of often vulnerable victims


In the case leading up to Tuesday's ruling, a woman said she was sold expensive life-improvement courses, vitamins and other products after taking a personality test.

A second woman alleges she was fired by her Scientologist boss after refusing to undergo testing and sign up to courses.

"Religion" my Aunt Fanny.


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